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 Welding courses

 Welding  course & what is taught in welding

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Additional training is available to graduates of the Basic Plate and Sheet Metal Welding who wish to take an operator qualification test for AWS structural code work, and to graduates of the Pipe Welding Course who wish to take similar tests for ASME (vertical-up) or API (vertical down) code work. Welders with equivalent experience may also qualify for this training.

Flux-Cored Arc Welding Self-Shielded/Gas-Shielded

Classes are available to companies and/or individuals who want to practice welding techniques for passing an operator qualification test or procedure qualification test. This course is also designed to give the proper application skills to an instructor for in-plant training of FCAW-S and/or FCAW-G (UltraCore.

Welding Training Courses

All these welding courses are real career investment as there is lot of demand of qualified welders for big metal industries all over the world.

1.    ARC Welding

2.    Argon welding

3.    CO2 welding

4.    Aluminium welding

5.    Gas Welding

6.    Gas cutting

7.    Flux Core Welding

8.    Boiler Making


9.    Pipes Fitting


10.  Plumbing

11.  Steel welding

12.  Fitter & Turner

 NB: We also have long term welding courses  i.e.

Level 2 welding courses at   3months   and Level 3 at –6months

Courses  include:

Boiler making…Level 2  & 3

Argon welding.. level 2 & 3

Arc welding….Level 2 & Level3

Co2…l2 & l3

Aluminium welding….Level2 & Level3

Steel welding Level2 & Level3

Please Note:

Accommodation is Available and free for those coming from far and outside South Africa!!